My Dietary Lifestyle

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my dietary lifestyle. I have been getting asked a lot if I am vegan, or people thinking I only drink smoothies, or only eat salads… The things I post on my Instagram are truly just small tidbits of what I eat during a day. Often, I post what I eat for breakfast because it’s the time of day when I have the most time to myself. I don’t like to adhere to a specific label in terms of what I choose to eat, and I much prefer the term “lifestyle” instead, as I think it’s less limiting for myself personally. I wholeheartedly believe that every single person is different and we can all eat different things and function well. I don’t think one specific dietary lifestyle works for everyone.


I love food-I love cooking, I love the beauty of vegetables, I love the colors, I love the aromas. I love to grow my own vegetables, greens, and herbs. I show love for my family by preparing food for them. I love making pancakes on slow weekend mornings, grinding whole coffee beans, and I also love putting together colorful, super delicious dinners that are full of flavor, texture, and have the nutrients to support our active lifestyle. I eat the way I do because it’s what works best for me (and my family), and what makes me feel my best. I’m a vegetarian. Sometimes a flexitarian? Well, to start, I do not eat meat in any form whatsoever. I do eat honey, I eat dairy maybe a few times a year, and I do eat eggs from time to time. I am really particular about where I get my eggs from. I buy these eggs from this one local farm, where the chickens are living free to roam, are fed their natural diet, and are not given any antibiotics. (You can check out the farm here if you are interested) I have also bought eggs from friends who have chickens that live in their yards. I go through phases with eggs, and sometimes eat them often, and sometimes, I go months without eating them. I listen to my body and eat what I feel I need when I need it. I very rarely eat dairy. I actually stopped eating dairy completely a little while after my baby was born because they suspected she had a dairy allergy, so I cut it out completely, which was actually surprisingly super easy to do. Since then, I have had dairy every once in awhile. To be real with you guys, I am hoping to cut it out 100% one day. Also, for me personally, I actually feel much better when I don’t consume dairy-I get less headaches, my skin clears up, and I rarely get sick. I don’t buy dairy products for my home, unless my husband requests something, but if I am out, at a restaurant, or invited to a dinner, that would be the time when I have it.

My choice to not eat meat anymore was actually very clear and simple to me. I was always turned off by meat, never really a big fan of it, but ate it anyway because growing up, it’s what was served to me. When my best friend was living with me, we got to talking about the fact that she has been vegetarian for a really long time, and she thought it seemed like it would be an easy transition for me. And she was right-once I stopped eating meat, it was amazing how easy it was. I felt better too. I feel really good about my decision to not eat meat as well, from an ethical standpoint, as well as an environmental standpoint. Whether you want to be vegan, vegetarian, or eat meat, I defintely suggest watching some documentaries, reading some books, and getting educated on how most animal products are produced in our country.  If you are eating animal products, then I think it is totally worth your time to find small family farms that do not use factory farming methods to produce meat or dairy. I think it’s responsible, and comforting to have an idea of where your food comes from, since you put it into your body, and it’s what gives you life force. Whether this be meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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I am always working on being as environmentally conscious as I can be. I feel that my choice to not eat meat is the biggest thing I can do to lessen my carbon footprint, along with other things I do around my house to be environmentally conscious-like using less plastic, composting, etc. It makes me feel really good to know that I am doing something in my small way to help the planet get to a more sustainable future, and one that doesn’t rely so heavily on animal products for food. (It’s funny how having a  kid really makes you think a lot about the future of the planet).

As I had said before, I truly believe that every body is different, and every person is going to need different foods to thrive. My body functions so well on eating plant-based foods, so I know for myself that is what is best for me. I do believe that Americans would benefit from choosing to eat more plant-based, instead of the majority of our diets being based around animal products as the main star of our meals. I believe that a lot of our diseases, cancers, and chronic illnesses could be eradicated if we ate more plant foods, more whole foods, and less processed foods.

As a health coach, when I was trained, I learned over 100 different dietary theories. I learned that different bodies function great by incorporating animal products in their diet, while others can thrive on a vegan diet. Each individual person is different, and our bodies digest food and utilize the energy from food so drastically different, this is why no one dietary lifestyle will work for everyone. However, I will always encourage my clients to try to make the majority of their meal veggie, fruit, and grain based, because I do believe that whole foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, greens, seeds, nuts, etc.) are extremely alkalizing, provide us with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and cancer-fighting components. I would never push someone to eat the way I do; I simply guide you on your path to your perfect state of balance and wellness.


So overall, how do I choose to eat? I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, sourdough breads, oatmeal, beans, lentils, rice, greens, melons, nuts, seeds, grains, corn chips, cucumbers, olives, tofu, fruits of all kinds, fries (yess), avocados, coconut everrrrrything, nut butters, soups, stews, chilis, curries, smoothies, sandwiches, bagels, hummus, etc, etc. I eat eggs when I want them. I eat dairy every once in awhile if it’s served to me. I never feel unsatisfied after eating, nor do I feel like I am depriving myself of food because of how I eat. The way I eat gives me super duper energy, a clear mind, the ability to workout as often as I like, sleep well at night, stay healthy during the winter months, and feel better about my role in the environmental sustainability department. Am I perfect when it comes to my dietary choices? Absolutely not! I believe I am always a work in progress, constantly changing, adapting, and learning every single day.

What way of eating works best for you? What are your favorite recipes? Take note of how you feel when you eat certain foods, experiment with cutting out dairy-or perhaps adding it back in. Try to lessen your consumption of meat. Add more veggies into your meals each day, and eat mindfully to notice how you feel. Source your food from small farms, get to know your farmer, visit the places where your food comes from. Be educated, and aware of what you are putting into your body as much as you can. It’s good to be in the know, and your body will be healthier for it.






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Emily is an Aries, a health and wellness advocate, and an avid food lover. She is a certified Health Coach and the creative writer and photographer of Golden Wellness. She believes in balance, real food, self love, movement, and gratitude. She is all about creating a high vibin' life, getting outside, and inspiring others on this path.

2 thoughts on “My Dietary Lifestyle

  1. You are amazing! I recently became plant based and your blog inspires me to continue on my journey full force. I do agree food has a large effect of how we feel mentally and physically. I think that more Americans should gravitate towards and plant based diet and see what is does for their health.

    1. I agree with you so much. And there are so many tasty options out there for a plant based diet, I honestly don’t miss animal products at all! And the perks of feeling good too…there’s just no going back 🙂

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