Golden Wellness Top 10: June Favorites

Hey guys! I cannot (repeat, CANNOT) believe that it is almost the end of  June. So each month I am going to start sharing with you guys my top ten health picks of the month. These will probably include products, quick recipes, health trends, and fads. I love trying out new products, and love to share my experiences (good and bad) with you all. Honestly, a lot of what I use are products that I’ve read about, either from blogs, Instagrams, or actual people who recommend these products to me. Sometimes I actually just find these products when I am out grocery shopping, and want to try them out. There are soooooooooo many health related products out there, I want this to help be a guide to you if you are ever overwhelmed by what’s out there on the shelves.JuneFavorites

Here we gooooooo: Golden Wellness Top 10, June Favorites!

  1. Garden of Life Sport Plant Based Protein PowderMy sister turned me on to this protein powder, so I gotta thank her for that. I always bought plain ol’ pea protein powder in the past, because, well, I have always known protein powders to contain a lot of excess crap….I always stuck to my plain pea protein powder because it was a single ingredient powder, and I would just put it in my smoothies and drink that as a post workout recovery meal. Once our baby was born, sometimes it wasn’t so easy to put together a smoothie after a workout…so this stuff was a lifesaver. It tastes SOO good that I don’t have to incorporate it into a multi-ingredient smoothie to hide the flavor. I just add coconut milk to it, shake it up, and drink-it’s so smooth, chocolatey, and legit tastes great. I also love this powder because it does not have added sugar, and it contains a lot of other great health factors, such as probiotics, BCAAs, a ton of minerals, ranging from calcium, zinc, to selenium, and manganese. The protein, flavors, and recovery blend are also completely plant derived (you can pronounce every single ingredient, nothing is synthetic or chemicalized). Absolutely, 100%, recommend this protein powder, as far as post workout meals go.
  2. Kayla Itsines BBG GuidesIt’s funny, before I got pregnant, I would always say, I’ll buy the guides and do them after a baby. Well, I stayed true to that statement and I am glad I did. Before getting pregnant, I was fit, but in a half-assed sort of way. If I wasn’t running, I would “strength train” at home, on my own, by doing whatever I felt like. Random squats, some curls with my little dumbbells, some bicycle crunches…get distracted halfway through by the dirt on the floor…go clean that up…maybe do a plank…you catch my drift. Doing this program allowed me to pretty much get back to my pre-pregnancy body by my 5th month postpartum. I loved it, and totally recommend it for moms because it is soo easy to do right at home. It’s also not super time consuming. If you have 28 minutes, three times a week, then you’re golden. It didn’t involved fancy equipment, and when I didn’t have a piece of equipment, I just improvised. I would lay my baby down on the floor next to me while I did the workout and she would honestly just laugh at me doing squats so that was a double win (do I really look that funny working out?!) I loved having the workouts mapped out for me, so there was no question or time wasted figuring out what to do. I just finished the 12 weeks this month, and definitely plan on purchasing the next guide to continue toning and getting fit! I do this along with running, hiking, and walking as well. It’s awesome to feel strong again, (and to see my abs surfacing again!)
  3. Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates: You guys. Uggghhhh. So good. I don’t know how I’ve never done this before, but one day I was starving, and was craving something sweet, and just randomly put this together, and BAM it’s my new fave snack. It’s ridiculously easy, and it’s good pre or post workout, as it combines protein and carbs.  Totally guilt free and DELICIOUS. Do it: Take 2 dates, slice them open and remove the pit. Take a small scoop (about 1/2 tablespoon) and stuff in each half of a date. Pop in mouth, eat, and enjoy.
  4. ACV Lemonade: I’ve been making this to drink while I make dinner at night. I’ve been working on my digestion, and since being back at work, I want to keep my immune system strong. Apple Cider Vinegar (my favorite is Bragg‘s) is key in my book for a healthy body. It is hugely alkaline forming in your body, helps neutralize acid, and it amazing for your gut. When I drink this before, or even after I eat, I feel like I digest food better, experience less gas and bloating, and feel energized. I suggest drinking this through a straw, as lemon juice and vinegar can be corrosive to your teeth enamel if consumed super often. Do it: Take 1 tablespoon ACV, the juice of 1/2 lemon, and about 8-10 drops of Liquid Stevia. Stir together in a glass, top with water, and add ice. Drink up!
  5. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Face Spray: I have to thank my best friend for this one. When she was living with me, she gave me her bottle of Thayer’s and there was no going back. I literally just pour the witch hazel in a little glass spray bottle, and keep it on my bathroom counter, and spritz my face with it about 2x a day. Why? This particular kind has aloe in it, so the combination makes my face feel hydrated, and SUPER soft. Witch hazel is known for helping to heal acne, reducing oil on skin, prevent excess sweating, or if used on the body, can help heal ingrown hairs, help heal bruises or swelling (I used it on my lady parts after giving birth, and it truly does work.) It is also very refreshing in the summertime to spritz in on my face and body, and bonus, I love the design of the Thayer’s bottle! Such a sucker for good labeling.
  6. Garden of Life Organic Plant Collagen BuilderCan you tell yet that I am obsessed with this brand? My prenatal is also Garden of Life…and so it my vitamin C spray…but for good reason! I love this brand, as stated above, because everything they use is literally made from whole plant foods. Nothing is synthetic or chemicalized. It is also plant-based, dairy free, and animal product free (I’m a vegetarian). I bought this to try because, (just as I had read…) around 3 months postpartum, my hair started falling out (nooooooo!!!!) It was shocking, kinda scary, and I thought, how can I help my body rebuild new, healthy hair? I found this while getting my regular pre-natal at my local health food store and picked it up to try. I have been taking it for about a month now…it’s hard to tell whether my hair stopped falling out because of this vitamin, or if my hormones changed again, but either way, I like what it’s doing. I feel like my hair is softer, and gets tangled less, my skin feels supple and smooth, and my nails are growing out of control. I still am going to continue taking it to see how it works, as I have only been taking it for a month now. I see everywhere on Instagram how everyone is using Vital Proteins Collagen in their smoothies and morning bevs, but I just didn’t want to take it because it is technically an animal product, so this is perfect for those looking for a plant based alternative to that. I also loved the description when I was reading about the product-it contains the things your body needs to produce and make collagen. You cannot put collagen on your skin and expect it to work. Your body produces it, so by taking this supplement, you are providing your body the things it needs to make it. Makes so much sense. Thumbs up for this.
  7. Upspring Baby Vitamin D DropsI think I’ll go on a mini rant here: Ok so when our baby was born, we brought her in for her first doctor’s visit, and they told us that breastfed babies get a daily dose of Vitamin D. We get our prescription for said Vitamin D drops, go pick it up, and I checked it out before I gave it to her and was TOTALLY shocked by what was in it. Artificial cherry flavoring, preservatives, caramel coloring, and more…both my husband and I were like…nahhhh man. I looked up a few Vitamin D drops, and these are my fave. We tried another brand, but the dispenser was like that of an essential oil bottle, and was hard to give to her. This one has 2 ingredients: coconut oil, and vitamin D. In an easy dropper bottle that our baby enjoys taking.
  8. True Natural Self Tanning Lotion: I admit, I love being tan. I like the rosy glow that my face has when I am out in the sun, it makes me look healthier, and more vibrant, in my own opinion. So what to do when you can’t get out in the sun? I discovered this tanning lotion when I was looking for a more natural, less harsh option. I did find a lot of brands that were also natural, but honestly, couldn’t see myself paying close to $40 for tanning lotion…no matter how much I wanted that golden glow. This one however, not only does it contain all natural ingredients, and has a lovely lavender scent, but it is also budget friendly, coming in at around $15. I also feel that it gives me a very believable tan, not that fake orangey look. Definitely look into it if you are looking to build a nice color during those non summer months, or even to enhance what you have during the summer!
  9. Morning Matcha: This has quickly become my absolute favorite morning bev. I love making it with almond milk for a latte, or if I am in a rush, even simply putting it in hot or cold water. I love this as a replacement for coffee. I realized after not having coffee during my entire pregnancy that I actually do not feel my best when drinking coffee. Tea is much more my suit, and this one is the best. I like that it’s more substantial that just a cup of tea leaves, and the benefits are amazing too, you can read more about the benefits in a post I did entirely on matcha here. The brand that I use is Sa, I found it at my local health food store, and love it. I do want to branch out and try other brands as well. You can find my recipe for my morning matcha latte here.
  10. Calm AppI am, and always ever am trying to meditate and breath more. I tend to forget to take deep breaths, and find myself spiraling into a pit of anxiety at times. Those time that I do remember to meditate, I often find that it always refocuses me, and allows me to find my calm again. I am not the best at meditating on my own yet, so this app has been amazing. It is easy to navigate, and I love that they have different options, such as meditate, breath, and sleep. Meditation is key to sharpening focus, reducing stress, sleeping better, lowering blood pressure, helping to remain calm in situations, and so much more. Just opening up this app, this beautiful music plays with nature sounds, and immediately I am calmer. I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to try to find their zen.

There you have it guys! I also want to note that none of these products are sponsored, they are simply just products I try on my own, and want to share with you guys as well.



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Emily is an Aries, a health and wellness advocate, and an avid food lover. She is a certified Health Coach and the creative writer and photographer of Golden Wellness. She believes in balance, real food, self love, movement, and gratitude. She is all about creating a high vibin' life, getting outside, and inspiring others on this path.

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  1. Amazing idea, Em! I want to try that Garden of life protein powder!! I’m also super hesitant to try any sort of protein powder so now that you’ve given this a gold star, I’ll give it a go!

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